CodeMe is a novel starter toolkit with a difference: fusing creativity and coding through a range of exciting and sometimes mysterious making and programing activities.

CodeMe transforms programming into seamless creating and coding; for example, one minute you will be constructing a cube, the next making a pattern of LEDs light up while shaking the cube, the next watching an interconnected set of cubes placed in a room light up like a Mexican wave.

Get started with the first part of the CodeMe platform: MakeMe, the small personal electronic sheet that you construct into a cube for playful experimentations with electronics, sensors, and coding.

Start | All of the pieces you'll need are held within the MakeMe kit card. The six pieces are the sides of the cube we will build. Have a look at the names on each piece, and they will tell you something about the different components our sensing cube needs to work properly. Did you spot the sensor? And the battery? Next, just press each of the pieces out gently so they come away from the card.

Build | Take each of the pieces and work out how they fit together. The shapes, holes, and numbers on each piece will help you - when you look at them closely. Build all of the six pieces together. Your goal is to make the cube.

Explore | Once you've built the cube, the light on your MakeMe device will light up to let you know you've got it right. Now you can begin to explore how the sensor works. When you shake the cube it will light up in different colours. Can you shake it very slowly? How about shaking it really, really fast?

You can print out our first activity card to check that you found all the different colours. Then, take the second activity card to discover the secret colour codes that you can trigger by drawing shapes when moving your cube in the air.

What else you can do with the MakeMe? Can you create your own game with light and movement? Can you use the cube's light to illuminate other semi-transparent objects in the dark?
Use MakeMe in your own creative and imaginative ways - make it your own!

Make and Shake: the cool way to experiment with sensors, lights and coding
Getting Started
So you have your MakeMe kit. Just follow these easy instructions to get started.

More sensors and activities:

You can code it: connect it to your PC or tablet to experiment with coding it. Or use the ConnectMe stations to program it together with your friends.

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What's next? Try out the new SenseMe cubes, with more sensors, light matrix and new activities.